Design Ideas - Inlaid Parquet with Planks

Artisan Flooring - Design Ideas - Inlaid Parquet with Planks

Plank flooring with inlaid herringbone is a style of flooring that combines the traditional herringbone pattern with the modern trend of wide plank flooring. It involves installing wide planks of wood in a herringbone pattern, creating a visually striking and unique flooring design. Here's an overview of this type of flooring

Wide Plank Flooring: Wide plank flooring refers to hardwood planks that are wider than standard-sized planks. Typically, wide planks are more than 5 inches in width, although they can vary in size. Wide planks offer a sense of openness and elegance, showcasing the natural beauty of the wood

Herringbone Pattern: The herringbone pattern is a classic and popular parquet pattern that features rectangular wood pieces arranged in a zigzag or V-shaped design. Each piece is cut at a 45-degree angle and laid in alternating directions to create a repeating pattern. The herringbone pattern adds a sense of sophistication and visual interest to the flooring.

Inlaid Herringbone: In the context of plank flooring, inlaid herringbone refers to the technique of incorporating the herringbone pattern into wide planks. Instead of using individual small pieces of wood, the herringbone pattern is milled directly into the surface of the wide planks. This creates a seamless and integrated design, where the herringbone pattern runs continuously across the planks.

Visual Impact: Plank flooring with inlaid herringbone combines the boldness and beauty of wide plank flooring with the intricate and timeless herringbone pattern. It creates a stunning visual impact and can become a focal point in any space. The combination of wide planks and the herringbone pattern offers a modern twist to a classic design.

Customization Options: Plank flooring with inlaid herringbone can be customized according to your preferences. You can choose from different wood species, finishes, and plank widths to create a flooring design that suits your style and complements your interior décor.

It's important to note that the installation of plank flooring with inlaid herringbone requires skill and expertise. Professional installation is recommended to ensure precise cutting, alignment, and overall quality of the finished floor.

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