What is Parquetry?

Artisan Flooring - What is Parquetry?

Parquetry is a type of wood flooring that involves arranging small pieces of wood in a geometric pattern or design. Unlike regular hardwood flooring, which typically uses long planks of wood laid side by side, parquetry involves creating intricate designs using smaller pieces of wood. These pieces can be of various colors or types of wood, and are often arranged to create a pattern that repeats across the floor.

There are two main types of parquetry:

  1. Block Parquetry: This involves small rectangular blocks of wood laid in a geometric pattern. The most common pattern for block parquetry is herringbone, but other patterns like basketweave or brick pattern are also used.

  2. Mosaic Parquetry: This involves small fingers or slats of wood, usually of varying colors or wood types, arranged in a square tile pattern. These tiles are then laid in a repeating pattern across the floor.

Parquetry can be used for entire floors or as a decorative border or inset on a larger floor. It adds a decorative element to flooring and can create a more formal or intricate look than traditional plank flooring. Parquetry is often found in public buildings, such as churches or museums, or in upscale residential interiors.

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